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So, you’ve heard the news…we’re about to make history

After 35 years of being the stage for great shows, GPAC is stepping out into the spotlight to secure the future of great new Australian work.

We’re working with Red Stitch Actors Theatre to produce Extinction, written by Hannie Rayson and directed by Nadia Tass.

After launching in Geelong in July, our production will travel to Canberra and then to the Arts Centre Melbourne, reaching significant audiences and becoming an important conversation catalyst.

Producing legendary theatre doesn’t just happen. We’ve had to find $200,000, and with the help of our environmental partners, corporate sponsors and generous individuals, we’re almost there. But we still need to find another $10,000.

Your support will get us over the line.

Click here to donate today.

Please note - Don't be put off by the donation process. It will look like you're purchasing a ticket, but it will be registered as donation and we will mail you a Tax Receipt.

Read more about why we are making history:
  • Producing new Australian works is still too rare, especially outside ‘the capital cities’. Legendary plays are only created with continuous investment
  • Extinction is being produced by our country’s finest talent – award winning playwright Hannie Rayson and internationally-renowned director Nadia Tass and features a stellar cast in partnership with Red Stitch Actors Theatre.
  • After launching in Geelong in July, our production will travel to Canberra and then Arts Centre Melbourne reaching significant audiences.
  • Extinction will become an important conversation catalyst about environmental issues, building a platform to discuss key moral and ethical dilemmas of our time, as well as ensuring a great night in the theatre.
  • We have also partnered with environmental groups: the Conservation Ecology Centre Cape Otway, where the play is set; Greening Australia; the Australian Conservation Foundation; the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning; and the Norman Wettenhall Foundation, to help raise the profile of the important work of these organisations.




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