By Rachael Coopes with Wayne Blair 


The educational resources ATYP have developed provide a rich insight into Sugarland’s context, and to date have proven a valuable resource. Closely aligned with the National Curriculum’s Indigenous Perspectives and cross curriculum priorities, the resources will help to unpack the production and importantly, offer ways for educators to support students as they deal with themes raised. 

To ensure sufficient opportunity for preparation prior to the tour, Sugarland’s educational resources will be readily available to all tour presenters well in advance of the show arriving in town. 

-Watch a ten minute excerpt of the show- 

Examples of the educational support materials already created can be found here: 

Sugarland – What to Expect 

Sugarland – The Big Issues 

Sugarland – Behind the Scenes 

To be used in conjunction with Behind the Scenes - Context documentaries: 

Context – Katherine 

Context – The People 

Context – The Place 

Context – Shame 

Context – Young Perspectives Hip Hop 

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