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Dollar for dollar...the best theatre project for kids

This time last year we called out for help to raise the final $10,000 of the $200,000 production Extinction. You were there. You helped us. And it resulted in significant results for GPAC, Geelong and everyone involved. 

Today, I am writing with a similar call to arms. An opportunity to make another huge impact with us here at GPAC. 

We are currently in the final stages of raising $25,000 which will be matched by another $25,000 from Creative Partnerships Plus1 campaign. This $50,000 will then be directed into a new program that will directly support young people from disadvantaged schools - many of which have either none or very little arts programming. 

Our programs with schools already reach Over 7000  young people in the Geelong region, but with your help we can do more. Our goal is to connect in with another 2500 young people over the coming years, adding 500 new young people each year for five years.

This equates to only $100 per student per year. Can you imagine the difference that investment will make? A 10-year study at Stanford University found that when young people were involved in arts-based programs, they were 4 times more likely to win an academic award, 8 times more likely to receive a community service award and 31% more likely to continue education after high school. 

With your help, our program will put arts into young lives that are missing out.

We only have another $5000 of our $25,000 goal to go. And then we receive the $25,000 in matched funding. The campaign finishes at the end of April.

So .. If you are able, could you please chip in $50 or $100 today to help us get over the line?

Click here to contribute. 

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