•  Statement on marriage equality
    Statement on marriage equality
    25 Sep 2017
    Category: Corporate

    Geelong Performing Arts Centre Trust Chair Michelle Quigley and General Manager Jill Smith have issued the following statement on marriage equality:

    Our arts centre as part of its core objectives reaches out to all members of the community to make the arts experience as inclusive as possible.  

    Equality, fairness, compassion and respect are values we believe in emphatically.  Discrimination on the basis of gender, cultural background, disability, religion or age is not part of who we are.

    We support marriage equality because it is right and just and consistent with our values of inclusiveness -no matter who you are, or who you love.

    Australia is a secular society with freedom of religion and freedom from religion entrenched in our Constitution. 

    The arts make us a stronger and more resilient community but there are many in the wider arts community who are personally affected by the current state of the law. There are many who are challenged by the process we are in.

    We trust you will be kind and respectful in your dealings with one another in all things, but particularly on marriage equality.   

    And we will be voting Yes. 

    Michelle Quigley QC, Chair, GPAC
    Jill Smith, General Manager, GPAC

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